New York Times Editorial on Mining in Bristol Bay

Today the New York Times ran a brief and to the point editorial that reported the EPA found mining in the Bristol Bay watershed would pose a significant threat to wild salmon. “A big operation like Pebble, it says, would destroy 54 miles to 87.9 miles of critical streams and up to 6.7 square miles of wetlands.”

Here is a link to the New York Times editorial:

If you are reading this blog post I suspect you are saying, “Of course mining would harm the Bristol Bay watershed.” Most likely this is because over the past five years you have participated in one or all of the Savor Bristol Bay campaigns in Seattle either as a chef or salmon eater. Thank you for supporting the fish and fishermen!

The Savor Bristol Bay campaigns are the work of Trout Unlimited (TU) and led by Elizabeth Dubovsky, WhyWild program director for TU. Well done, Elizabeth! She knows fish = food.

For more on the WhyWild program and TU’s work to protect Bristol Bay:

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