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2015 Washington Chinook salmon fishing opened May 1st – Where to buy the fish?

As sure as any harbinger of spring the return of Chinook salmon to our coastal waters signals we are on our way to warmer weather and longer days. Friday, May 1st marked the opening of the 2015 Washington commercial troll fishery for Chinook. The fishing boats are on the water and soon will be returning to the dock with silver backed salmon securely tucked into icy fish holds. So begins the 2015 fishing season and the availability of fresh, local wild Chinook.

If you are a chef or just love fresh caught Chinook you must be anticipating the chance to get your first taste of this year’s Washington hook and line caught salmon. What better seafood can you think of to accompany the tender shoots of landfood that are showing up in your kitchen? Briny and sweet, rich yet mild, Washington troll caught Chinook will shine when it shares the spotlight with the springtime bounty of produce.


You can feel good about eating Washington troll caught Chinook. Here are three reasons:

  1. Trolling, also know as hook and line fishing, is widely recognized as one of the most sustainable ways to catch fish.
  2. Washington Chinook are caught less than 200 miles from Seattle and never get on a plane so these fish have a smaller carbon footprint.
  3. Buying locally caught Chinook supports Washington’s fishing families and businesses. Keeping it local never tasted so good.


You may be thinking, “Where can I buy the fish?” Here is a list of fishermen and seafood distributors who will be able to supply your restaurant or market with fresh troll caught Washington Chinook. When you order, make sure to ask your fishmonger what color Chinook is available. Whether red, white or marbled all Washington Chinook are delicious and add local flavor to your menu or seafood counter selection.

Businesses marked with an asterisk are owned by fishermen who sell their own catch.

Cape Flattery Fishermen’s Coop

Joseph Lawrence, Manager

(360) 645-2231

Notes: Wholesale and seafood buyer

Corfini Gourmet

Bernado Jimenez

(206) 310-8386

Fishing Vessel Barcarole*

Jeremy Brown

(360) 201 2487

Notes: SMS preferred contact method, in season, by appointment. Delivering direct to select restaurants and seafood markets in North Sound area.

Fishing Vessel Donna Sea*

Mike Hitchcock (360) 269-7811 or

Kayla Gore (360) 878-7326

Notes: Wholesale in Lewis County and western Washington; retail off boat and Lewis County via Facebook/public media

Fishing Vessel Karen L*

Nicole Curry

(360) 305 1022

Notes: SMS preferred contact method, in season, by appointment. Delivering direct to select restaurants and seafood markets in North Sound area

Flying Fish Company, LLC

Lyf Gildersleeve

(503) 260-6552

Notes: Serving Portland, OR; retail and wholesale

Harvester’s Catch*

Jeff Pedersen


Notes: Serving Washington and Oregon; wholesale to restaurants & markets; and retail to the public at Farmers Markets and off the boat

James Island Fish*

Steve Wilson

(253) 732-4617

Notes: Wholesale & retail sales on Olympic Peninsula, in Seattle area & South Sound

Jessie’s Ilwaco Fish Co.

Pierre Marchand

(360) 642-3773

Notes: Serving Washington, Oregon & the World. Wholesale to stores, restaurants & distributors; retail markets in South Bend & Ilwaco

The Jones Family Farms

Ivan Brown

(360) 468-0533

Notes: Serving San Juan Islands, Skagit, Bellingham and Seattle; wholesale & retail

Kelly’s Fresh Fish*

Tom (t.k.) Kelly

(206) 914-1342

Notes: Seattle & into Tacoma, wholesale to restaurants and markets; retail sales to general public. Delivery arranged weekly

Kona Pacific Seafoods*

Tasha Parker

(253) 380-7255 or (260) 291-8068 or

Notes: Serving Seattle area, wholesale restaurants and markets, whole fish only

Mikuni Wild Harvest

Jeff Griffiths


Notes: National service, wholesale & buyer

Mikuni Wild Harvest

Kevin Mock


Notes: Servicing entire USA, wholesale

Olympic Seafoods, LLC

Eydfinn Tausen, Owner

(425) 337-9105 c.

(425) 491-7425 f.

Notes: Serving Seattle, Pacific Northwest & national markets, wholesale only

Wild Salmon Seafood Market

Jon Speltz, Owner

206) 283-3366

Notes: Wild Salmon Seafood Market retail store has a sizable wholesale business. Delivery to Queen Anne, Magnolia and Ballard restaurants, always available for will call. FedEx shipping around the country.

Wild West

Preston Onkst


Notes: Wholesale on Olympic Peninsula, Kitsap & Seattle; retail to public at Port Angeles Farmers Market

Wilson Fish Markets*

Jan & Gene Panida

(253) 722-7100

Notes: Selling at 8+ Farmers Markets including Ballard, Edmonds, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park, Puyallup, Tacoma and Proctor

(Photo of Washington Chinook at Lark in Seattle courtesy of Marcus Donner